Is Your 2016 Bonus in Jeopardy Because of a Quality Objective?

bonus-black-holeThere is still time to capture that prize!  If unexpected stuff has gotten in the way, and you need a miracle to meet one of the quality-related year end performance objectives on your plate, I can help.    Why sacrifice all or even part of your bonus, when a small investment in some help from a professional that can hit the ground running could bring it home for you?  This is the time to make it happen!

Whether you need an hour or a day of effort, a day or a week, I can help.  Do you need a quality manual updated, a procedure written, a form developed, training delivered, a corrective action effort closed out, a supplier quality agreement crafted, an audit performed, a tracking system implemented, metrics developed or a personal development goal met?  If it has to do with quality assurance, regulatory compliance or organizational excellence (big bucket there), either I or my team can help!

Please get in touch.  There is no cost for an initial consultation and you have everything to gain.  To request my help, please call 805-622-3019, email or fill out an easy request for coaching services online at

Square logoFor breaking news about quality-related issues please follow us and, to learn about services or to contact us, please visit our website at

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